Playing in a toilet

I had a wonderful last minute gig last night, playing support for Will Newsome in an abandoned Edwardian toilet, (or the ‘Edwardian cloakroom’, as they politely called it) in Bristol city centre.

It was the most beautiful toilet I’ve ever seen, with a high wooden roof, fairy lights and an enormous tree that they had constructed, weaving up into the ceiling. About 15 people managed to squeeze in and sit on the floor at my feet and were quiet and attentive, with only the occasional click of a can of beer being opened. It was my favourite sort of gig, unusual, beautifully decorated and with a lot of thought behind it.

They also recorded and filmed it, so I’ll be adding the videos in due course.

The group behind this idea have named it ‘Beautiful Gig’ and I hear they are planning to do more gigs in abandoned locations around Bristol. I recommend looking out for the gigs these guys will put on in future!


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