Feminist Create Workshop

I recently went to a workshop organised by Jen Steiner, the founder of Feminist Create, a blog which showcases the work of female artists.

The workshop was called ‘Breaking Out of Isolation’ and was a meeting of about seven female musicians and artists. It was a chance to speak about what it was like to be a female artist and to share the things that inspired us, as well as the things that stopped us from creating things, or from telling people about what we do.

The things that inspire us

We all spoke about our favourite female artists who had inspired us and given us the impetus to start creating. We also shared ideas and tools that we use to help us create, or to get past stumbling blocks.

I spoke about the cut-up poetry that I use to help me start writing songs, which inspired me to add a page about it, here.

The things that hold us back

We also spoke about our personal stumbling blocks and the situations in our lives that hold us back from being creative. It was so great to have an honest conversation with other artists and to find out that they have the same fears as I do.

We all agreed that the best way to tackle these problems is to come together and support each other. We are so often told that being an artist or a musician is an impossible dream, or that it is only a useful or valuable thing to do if you can make money from it, so it’s really important to re-frame these ideas into something more positive.

A new network of support

The workshop made me feel how important it is to create a network of support for all artists, not just women, as we all need to share the difficulties we have, and to create spaces in which we can help each other overcome them.

We have all decided to meet again so watch this space for more news!


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