some time in

Whoops! It’s been a while.

I’ve been here 20 days now!?

I think?

So. I’ve been playing banjo a lot, playing clarinet a little, practising my Italian, and learning to refuse the many kind offers from the neighbour to marry me off.

Last night I went to see a very highbrow rendition of the Iliad. I didn’t understand a lot of it but it seemed to focus on the three muses, who were dressed in burkhas with their faces half painted red. They wailed a lot about Achilles and covered themselves in ash and waved see-through bin bags around. It was great.

Because the thing I didn’t totally realise before coming here is that this used to be Ancient Greece. Isn’t that nuts? I also went to Metaponto last week, which is supposed to be where Pythagoras’ tomb is hidden.

Tomorrow I am going to Matera with some of my new pals here. Matera is a town which has been there for about 9000 years, and there are lots of caves, called sassi, that people used to live in. According to Google, it looks like this, but I suppose I will find out tomorrow:


Here are some recent things I recorded:

this is a weird song I made up:

and this is an old Italian folk song that I remembered whilst being here:



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