Detour to Pisa!

So, tonight was supposed to be the first night of my little tour. However, the bar I was going to play in had some problem with it’s live music licence and had to cancel the show last minute, which was a bit of a shame. I’d already bought my train ticket so I looked where it was headed and saw that it was due to stop at Pisa a couple of stops before, which was a great excuse to visit for a day and be a tourist.

I left Pisticci on Friday morning, said goodbye to Artu…


…and set off on my way.

Anne, who hosted me in Pisticci, is a lovely person and talented artist. If you are ever looking for a place for a retreat or holiday, I highly recommend her little house. It’s on Airbnb. And here is her website.

I arrived in Pisa late last night, to the house of a friendly German vet who has two big dogs and, yes, another fluffy cat! (Might christen this the Fluffy Cat Tour).


I set out this morning to see the sights, or at least lots of people taking pictures of the sights:


OK, I did take some pictures of the sights too, just to prove I’d been there:

I particularly enjoyed the Cathedral, which had lots of very old paintings, including this one, which illustrates the famous Biblical tale of when Mary and Jesus posed for a photo and Mary dropped her hat:


I then went to the Museo de Sinopie, which has lots of 13th and 14th century sketches, which were studies for frescoes. They were alongside some modern sculptures, which I was very taken with. They are by a sculptor called Arnaldo Pomodoro (that’s Arnold Tomato to you):


Good work, Arnold Tomato!

Finally, this evening, I wandered about in the rain, vaguely thinking of visiting the free museum, but there was an enormous queue, so instead I wandered on, and heard some music coming from a covered piazza. I suppose it is Chinese New Year, as they were announcing all the acts in Chinese as well as Italian. Then, this happened (watch to the end for the amazing high note finale):

And, just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, this happened:

After this, we were informed that the spectacle was finished, so I went to get some pizza.

Tomorrow morning I take the train to Bologna, where I will play at a house concert. I’m looking forward to this as it looks set to be amazing. There’ll be a maximum of 20 people, dinner for all, and I’m supporting a wonderful artist called Marta Dell’Anno who uses a violin, voice, and loop station. Exciting!





2 thoughts on “Detour to Pisa!

    1. Pisa seems to go in for odd events. When Philip and I were there on our way back from Florence we came across the Pisa Scottish dance society (!) dancing in the street and inviting passers by to join in, which I did,of course. It was about a year after we got married and I think Philip wondered what on earth he had got himself into…


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