Cut-up Poem

So I’ve been here in the Tuscan wilds for about 5 days now, and I have another 5 before I go to Rome for the next concert. After Rome, I go to play in Verona, Venice, and Bergamo, and then I’ll be coming home.

The first few days here, it rained non-stop, which was quite fun. It looks a lot like Wales here so the rain really added to that.

The view from my bedroom window

Not fancying getting too soggy outside, I stayed in and recorded the rain and the chickens. There is a donkey here too that makes some great creaky-gate noises but I haven’t managed to capture him yet as he is quite unpredictable!

I had made up a banjo thing but was having trouble with the lyrics, so I did some cut-up poetry (free-writing cut up and rearranged). It was really fun, I haven’t done it in ages. Especially as I did it to a mega-dramatic soundtrack of Leonid Kogan playing violin. That was a tip-off from Dan (thanks Dan!). I’d never heard of him before. If you are looking for some beautiful classical violin playing, Leonid is your man. I think most of his recordings were made in the 50s–70s so they sound nice and old-fashioned.

Here is the poem I made whilst the above was playing:

I was imagining I’d turn it into a song over the banjo thing I’d made up but it didn’t quite want to somehow, so I decided to just read the words. For some reason, this feels much more scary than singing. I don’t know why!

Here is what I made in the end. The field recording I posted the other day of chickens is there in the background:

Eventually, it stopped raining, and I was able to get out a bit more and explore. Here are some snaps of the hereabouts:


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